“love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. it does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. – 1 corinthians 13:4-5

featured photo credit: frank o’dwyer

this blog

intensely personal, i’ve hated every design for this blog. when i relaunched with the basic theme, my intent was to build towards a grid approach to the layout, working on this between coats of guitar paint. my plan was to use the featured images as background images, but  the conflicting priories of placing something featured in the background are already tearing the design apart. we shall see.

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slowing my roll

i have a confession to make: i drive the speed limit. i’m kinda prideful about it, too (why else would i blog about it): when i see someone my age or over that’s driving fast or aggressively, feelings of superiority wash over me. this especially happens in the morning when i see parents taking their kids to school in (honda) fits of aggression or business people racing so that can sit at some desk somewhere. “grow up!” i yell in my head as they zip around me all pissed off because i’m driving the speed limit.

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i think i’m dumb (maybe just happy)

when someone i don’t know thinks an art piece i’ve created is dumb, my assumption is that they think i’m dumb. this is because when i see an art piece that is uninspired or derivative, my assumption is that the artist is uninspired. if i’m being my most charitable self, the person i want to be at all times, i’ll assume they haven’t yet found their voice. regardless, i believe that a person’s creations are intrinsically linked to the person.

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primal power

toss a bolt through the hole under the neck plate and thread a nut just enough to not fall off. tie the end of a piece of twine tight around the bolt between the nut and the body. after about two feet of twine, tie a nice, solid loop around a carabiner. use a lighter to burn off the excess twine roughage around the guitar. attach the carabiner to a tree; important: shake the tree!

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the painting itch

i like to paint, except when i’m about 60% done with a painting. at that point i hate painting, but force myself through it. then i take a long break from painting until i forget about the pain of finishing and get inspired to do something new. the painting itch has once again been growing and although i have plenty of other projects that need attention, i found myself wandering the aisles of the art store, looking at canvases. i knew i wanted a “widescreen” style orientation for this piece, but was unsure about putting down more money for an unconventional canvas.

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untamed, but domestic

our backyard has been an ongoing project with no direction because i have an idea, but no vision. the idea is something natural, but useful. wild grasses, spontaneous growth, but not something that looks like a vacant field. i want the intentional ugly of a rat rod, but in yard form.

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what is art?

it started as a joke several years back. walking around san diego with some youth group students, i saw a large, abstract sculpture in front of a building – the type of corporate art that’s destroyed in “fight club.” secretly, the building owner bribes the city for letting them put up a big, ugly building: the art adds an element of beauty to make up for the grasslands they razed. i pointed to the hunk of metal and said, “look! it’s art!” as if i had spotted some sort of wild animal.

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