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back on track…almost

now with 90% fewer waves, the guitar got re-sanded and re-primered today. that means i’m potentially two days away from actually laying down the first coat of color…

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i bleed

i tried to be brave and strong, but i just couldn’t do it. the wave in the wood was just too prominent, and i knew leaving it would bug me. i’m leaving the wave that’s on the front and the knick, but the wave on the back was too much.

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good enough is good enough*

i’m sure you’ve heard of the persian rugs with a poorly tied knot included to avoid perfection. i like to think i have that imperfection built in.

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mo’ primer

more and more and more primer until i can’t prime anymore. but then maybe a little bit more.

primal power

toss a bolt through the hole under the neck plate and thread a nut just enough to not fall off. tie the end of a piece of twine tight around the bolt between the nut and the body. after about two feet of twine, tie a nice, solid loop around a carabiner. use a lighter to burn off the excess twine roughage around the guitar. attach the carabiner to a tree; important: shake the tree!

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the painting itch

i like to paint, except when i’m about 60% done with a painting. at that point i hate painting, but force myself through it. then i take a long break from painting until i forget about the pain of finishing and get inspired to do something new. the painting itch has once again been growing and although i have plenty of other projects that need attention, i found myself wandering the aisles of the art store, looking at canvases. i knew i wanted a “widescreen” style orientation for this piece, but was unsure about putting down more money for an unconventional canvas.

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untamed, but domestic

our backyard has been an ongoing project with no direction because i have an idea, but no vision. the idea is something natural, but useful. wild grasses, spontaneous growth, but not something that looks like a vacant field. i want the intentional ugly of a rat rod, but in yard form.

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what is art?

it started as a joke several years back. walking around san diego with some youth group students, i saw a large, abstract sculpture in front of a building – the type of corporate art that’s destroyed in “fight club.” secretly, the building owner bribes the city for letting them put up a big, ugly building: the art adds an element of beauty to make up for the grasslands they razed. i pointed to the hunk of metal and said, “look! it’s art!” as if i had spotted some sort of wild animal.

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you may pontificate now

it’s tough to create an artistic statement without sounding conceited. so, while writing the about page for this site, i let go of all apprehension and just let my deepest pompiety flow!

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sew what?

it’s not good work. its loose and barely holds together. if my stitches were on top chef, i’d get voted off the island. i’m sure the parents in the costume department will shake their heads in disgust when they see what i’ve thrown together for my son’s pied piper outfit. i say it’s not bad for modifying women’s pants found at the thrift store just yesterday. i may even have discovered what causes our sewing machine to misbehave! not that “use better thread” is a viable solution…

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refrigerator art

the other day my son and i were at lowes and there was a refrigerator there with a flat screen monitor built into the door. as well as streaming recipes and tv, it also kept track of expiration dates and let you know when it was time to throw something out. this is probably the first significant improvement in fridges since ice dispensers gained popularity in the 1970s[citation needed].

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the mask

after months of on-again-off-again filling and sanding and routing and filling and sanding, i’m calling the guitar body “good enough” and masked the edges and the neck slot today. keeping the neck slot unpainted will provide a wood-on-wood connection that should improve the sustain. i tried to mask the spot where the “ashtray” bridge will sit, but after some trial and error i realized it wouldn’t be perfect. i think it’s better to sit on all paint then to have the bridge half on paint and half on wood.

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hello (again) world

there are certain problems in life that i believe we should just give to God. addictions, health concerns, or the actions of other people, these things leave us powerless and all we can do is put them in God’s hands. then there are other things that we can ask God for strength in, but ultimately and practically, we just need to take care of these ourselves.

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