refrigerator art

the other day my son and i were at lowes and there was a refrigerator there with a flat screen monitor built into the door. as well as streaming recipes and tv, it also kept track of expiration dates and let you know when it was time to throw something out. this is probably the first significant improvement in fridges since ice dispensers gained popularity in the 1970s[citation needed].

fridges really only have one job: keeping food cold (or colder/frozen, arguably the same job), so it’s odd that they have such a dramatic price range. we buy cheap fridges and they do a great job of keeping our food cold. some people spend ten times what we spend on a fridge that also keeps their food cold, but those fridges have fancy, steel exteriors, while our fridge is plain white.

this got me thinking…the premium charged for “quality” refrigerators is really a premium on aesthetics. that’s a premium i want, but am not willing to pay for. then it occurred to me…i own my own fridge. it’s nobody’s business what i do with it and there is no rule that it has to stay white. so, someday, and this may not be for quite a while, someday we’re going to paint our fridge.

“I have no greater joy than this, to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” – 3 John 4