Category: poetry

  • spontaneous


    everyone knows it when She enters the room the train of Her dress and all are consumed Her presence is felt and the people rejoice worship pours out like there wasn’t a choice

  • transition


    yes, i love my life and look forward to heaven but that middle part…

  • last cigarette

    last cigarette

    i still haven’t smoked my last cigarette it sits in its pack in my glove compartment and though i haven’t smoked in a generation i guess it’s waiting for a special occasion

  • first


    fear of blood fear of hurting fear of failing fear i’ve failed fear of blood fear of same fear of worse fear of hope fear of blood fear i’m changing into something that’s afraid afraid of blood afraid i’ve failed afraid i never really did doing more doing absolutely more absolutes abandon me in fear now i’m…

  • God isn’t magic

    God isn’t magic

    God isn’t magic but majestic God doesn’t grant wishes but makes dreams God doesn’t hate your sin but redeems it God doesn’t seek perfection but is perfect God gives you more than you can bear but bears with you

  • failed song idea

    failed song idea

    i sing my song for all to hear. although no wretched soul lends ear, my voice is wrought in vacant halls. for i – a bird– have this my call: that though i know i praise in vain i pray it sooth some unseen pain. so when no life or death draws near i sing…