slowing my roll

i have a confession to make: i drive the speed limit. i’m kinda prideful about it, too (why else would i blog about it): when i see someone my age or over that’s driving fast or aggressively, feelings of superiority wash over me. this especially happens in the morning when i see parents taking their kids to school in (honda) fits of aggression or business people racing so that can sit at some desk somewhere. “grow up!” i yell in my head as they zip around me all pissed off because i’m driving the speed limit.

but i get it, absolutely nobody drives the speed limit. it’s just accepted that everyone is either going 5 or 10 over or has the silver-haired markings of doing 10 under. i fully realize that i’m being abnormal and annoying by driving with patience at the speed limit. it’s so universally accepted, it’s joked about in church. “do you think you are without sin? when was the last time you drove the speed limit?” and everyone laughs. but seriously, they are laughing about breaking the law. absolutely no one is working on breaking the habit…the idea of speeders anonymous would be laughable!

so why is that? why do people hold to the law except in this one area? is it really just because it’s normal and if so, how did it become normal?

i’m not so pious…i just got tired of the speeding tickets. so what does that say about me?

“how long will you wander, unfaithful daughter israel? the Lord will create a new thing on earth— the woman will protect the man.” – jeremiah‬ ‭31:22‬