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  • what are you looking for?

    what are you looking for?

    a few years ago, in an effort to purge all lies from my life, i felt i should actually assess myself when people greet me with, “how are you?” this led to me telling a lot of people i was tired or stressed. by breaking the social norm, i raised a flag in people’s minds […]

  • the gift and the curse

    the gift and the curse

    if someone successful tells you how to become successful, plug your ears. if someone unsuccessful tells you how to become successful, run away. they both will immediately tell you about how the successful artist simply tried harder. this is a lie. emily dickenson wrote constantly and submitted her works to publications only to have them […]

  • using protection

    using protection

    there may be a language difference at work here, mr. redman and i are separated by all of america and the atlantic ocean, so if i’m lumping him in with the message about “protecting our kids” i hear a lot of, i’m sorry. this tweet just sparked a lot of thoughts that had been bubbling […]

  • slowing my roll

    slowing my roll

    i have a confession to make: i drive the speed limit. i’m kinda prideful about it, too (why else would i blog about it): when i see someone my age or over that’s driving fast or aggressively, feelings of superiority wash over me. this especially happens in the morning when i see parents taking their […]

  • i think i’m dumb (maybe just happy)

    i think i’m dumb (maybe just happy)

    when someone i don’t know thinks an art piece i’ve created is dumb, my assumption is that they think i’m dumb. this is because when i see an art piece that is uninspired or derivative, my assumption is that the artist is uninspired. if i’m being my most charitable self, the person i want to […]

  • what is art?

    what is art?

    it started as a joke several years back. walking around san diego with some youth group students, i saw a large, abstract sculpture in front of a building – the type of corporate art that’s destroyed in “fight club.” secretly, the building owner bribes the city for letting them put up a big, ugly building: the art […]

  • hello (again) world

    hello (again) world

    there are certain problems in life that i believe we should just give to God. addictions, health concerns, or the actions of other people, these things leave us powerless and all we can do is put them in God’s hands. then there are other things that we can ask God for strength in, but ultimately […]