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there are moments of extreme tension in the creative process: when a brush stroke goes astray and the painting seems to be ruined. the thing i saw in my head is no longer possible and i’m fearful that the whole thing may be a wash. but i can’t just give up! who would i be then? a quitter. so i press on, expanding my consciousness and pushing what was there in incorporate the stray. not stopping at the point where is seems okay, but lifting it to the point of being completely essential…nearly paramount to the piece. that’s what training is for, to whisper in your ear when everything goes wrong, “happy accidents.”

while we wait

inspiration hit and i’ve been working on some painting in between guitar coats. the sunset concept is finally coming together with this background, though i may continue modifying even after i add some foreground. painting backgrounds first makes for some strange transition moments as a vague¬†silhouette of the foreground takes shape. this is further complicated by the fact that i’m reusing a canvas.

the painting itch

i like to paint, except when i’m about 60% done with a painting. at that point i hate painting, but force myself through it. then i take a long break from painting until i forget about the pain of finishing and get inspired to do something new. the painting itch has once again been growing and although i have plenty of other projects that need attention, i found myself wandering the aisles of the art store, looking at canvases. i knew i wanted a “widescreen” style orientation for this piece, but was unsure about putting down more money for an unconventional canvas.

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