Category: painting

  • pushing


    there are moments of extreme tension in the creative process: when a brush stroke goes astray and the painting seems to be ruined. the thing i saw in my head is no longer possible and i’m fearful that the whole thing may be a wash. but i can’t just give up! who would i be…

  • while we wait

    while we wait

    inspiration hit and i’ve been working on some painting in between guitar coats. the sunset concept is finally coming together with this background, though i may continue modifying even after i add some foreground. painting backgrounds first makes for some strange transition moments as a vague¬†silhouette of the foreground takes shape. this is further complicated…

  • the painting itch

    the painting itch

    i like to paint, except when i’m about 60% done with a painting. at that point i hate painting, but force myself through it. then i take a long break from painting until i forget about the pain of finishing and get inspired to do something new. the painting itch has once again been growing…